I have started to travel light and really enjoy doing so. As with the way my life has evolved: I brought lots of things to the secondhandstore because I do not care for `stuff` that much anymore.
And come to think of it…I don’t care for my `past stuff` that much anymore either 🙂 I am glad I have done though, I have spent lots of time with my old stuff. It was as big as a trunk, you know, the ones they traveled with in the olden days? It was packed with sadness, loneliness, thinking I didn’t belong, thinking I was not good enough. All because things had happened in my youth.
It took a while to let go. It took years of hard work, examining myself, learning to come to terms with the things I have encountered. But you know what, it paid off! I am happy I faced my pain on so many levels. Yes, happy! Because otherwise I would not have been able to travel as light as I am doing today. Step by step leaving the things behind that were not useful anymore, I learned a lot along the way. I can now truly experience myself as being worthy. Of course I can feel `low` sometimes, hey, I’m only human 😉 But never ever again will I carry a large burden. Nope.


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