Leadership is about taking responsibility. A conductor wants the orchestra to sound harmonious. For us, it is the same: when you become acquainted with your drive, what you are good at and what you enjoy, you can live in harmony. But you also need to know and understand the distortions and imbalance. We go deep quickly, in a playful way, in search of your inspiration and passion. You decide how far to go.

The starting point within the guidance is that every person has talents. Also called archetypal qualities. The point is that you are not necessarily very good at it; it’s all about using them! If you use them in how they want to be deployed, they can bring a lot of joy.  We all `only have one function, but each has an individuality to give substance `. If you take your space in a loving way, accepting your greatness, you are giving others permission to do the same.

We look at what these talents (or gifts) do for you and what they need. You resolve conflicts, let them work together and you get clarity about how you can make use of their full potential. We will be looking at the way you are conducting that. Do you claim your inner leadership or are just “letting it happen”. Do you hold the baton or leave it to someone else? Love asks you to stand up for yourself and let yourself be guided from here. Do not think it is selfish if you choose for yourself. It is very healthy!

The nice thing about the method is, that you quickly and playfully get insight into what really drives you.

Are you ready for the next step? Willing to invest so you can live with determination ? Let’s do this >

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