We all know the expression: forgive and forget. Easier said than done! We often still carry a lot of disappointment, anger or sadness. Pain from the past is transferred to the people we are dealing with now. It sometimes seems `history repeats`.

Forgiveness is letting go of longing for a better past!

You probably have examples where you felt ‘Here we go again!’ What actually is happening, is that we get the chance to become aware of that pattern so that we can take the next step. Letting go!

That is what a forgiveness session is about. You can choose to face why you are repeating. Usually it has to do with expectation. You want something from the other person, who, for some reason, is not delivering! If you are honest with yourself and dare to recognize what actions you would have preferred, you can begin to see that you can wait a long time and hold on to your grouches… Or not! It is your responsibility to deal with disappointment and in return you can see the other person is responsible for his / her behaviour. This way you can use your energy much more constructively.

In a ritual, in which we look at your longing, you can express what you would have preferred and confirm that the other person is not living up to your expectations. Step by step I lead you through the process, until you begin to experience that you are liberating yourself.

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