In the Window of Life one sees their past lifetime in all its details.You can see where you have failed, what you wish to have done better and what your lessons are. Also you can see what your love in action has brought about, where you have shed light and hope, where you have inspired or helped someone. What would it be like if now, in this lifetime, you could look back at the blueprints of your soul and compare it to what you have already made of your life?

In the afterlife there is only one question that matters: “What have you done with love?”

During the coaching we look at the aspects of love: Truth, wisdom, goodness, beauty, light, inspiration, creation, compassion.

Would you like to put your life in perspective? The process is an individual journey, an intensive two-day course where you will be working with my support. You will be looking at all your life’s aspects, your relationships, your parenthood and partnership, your work, how you manage power, money and love life, and your life’s mission. It’s also important to look at your successes and failures on these aspects. On one side your neglected lessons and `wrong` choices, your distractions and motives, your not lived insights and potentials. And on another side the moments of self-transcendence, your true helpfulness, your wisdom and clear perceptions.
We call this the ‘Life Harvest’.

The work method during these two days is to look at all of your chosen aspects one by one and look at them from a different perspective. You will be doing this with my guidance and with ‘the Witness’. The Witness is an inspiring spiritual figure whom is precious to you. For some this is their angel, for others Jesus, Buddha or a different light figure. With the help of your witness the process will be lifted to a different level where the effect has shown to be more effective. The effect is that difficult situations brought to light are easily released in a simple process of self forgiveness. My experience is that this can have an astounding cleansing effect on one’s relationships. Finally you can get rid of your secrets and start again fresh. And the beauty is that you don’t have to wait until after death!

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