Do you find yourself running into the same patterns?  Are you longing for fundamental change?

Find healing through forgiveness

During this profound and liberating time, you will stay in a yurt. With the two-day process, we will look at all kinds of areas of life: money, friendship, family, sex, work and so on.

Are there any painful events from your youth or more recent past that you have not yet released? Are there life questions that you struggle with? Do you want to take your life to another dimension? Then the ‘Window of Life’ might be something for you!

This two-day guidance, is a deeply healing process. You can let go of events that you still carry with you, so that an unprecedented liberation can be experienced. Secrets can be said out loud, anger can be given space, gratitude can be shown. Whatever presents itself, it will be seen with attention. This allows you to proceed your life with a clean slate afterwards. Your mission will be clear (er) and it can even happen that physical discomforts disappear.

The Mongolian home is situated just outside town, surrounded by nature. Overlooking meadows and a bird sanctuary. This beautiful place can help you go even deeper into your proces of letting go.

Are you ready for the next step? Willing to invest in more loving and peaceful living? Let’s do this!

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