Interview Magic & Miracles

YouTube 20 november 2018

You can now order the book on Amazon. A lot of wonderful sharing was poured through the timeline when the marketing campagne started. As one of the authors I’m being interviewed by dr. Andrea Pennington, the founder of this book who brought all of our stories together. In this interview she dives into my heart and mind. After a fall while in Bali, which broke my back in 8 places, I sought spiritual insights. The messages channeled for me were incredibly profound!

Interview Life After Trauma

YouTube 1 januari 2019

This #AskTheAuthor interview for the book “Life After Trauma” dives into my heart and mind. In this interview I tell about how I endured repeated abuse in my childhood that made me feel that my worth was tied to a man’s desire for my body. So I decided to turn the tables and ‘call the shots’ by becoming a prostitute. But my time working in a brothel was short lived as I found that the power I sought was flimsy. Losing hope sent me on a downward spiral where I found myself wanting to end it all via suicide. But Life had other plans for me. As I was rescued and put into a psychiatric hospital I heard a voice that shifted my perspective on life radically.

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