The other day I attended a FB live by dr. Andrea Pennington about forgiveness. I commented that `letting go of expectations` is a key principle. Obviously we have them, but it is so important to be aware of that. We often think the other person `gave us this or that feeling`.

Do you recognise this? How we say `you make me feel…`. How can that be? Do they have a magic stick and pour it into us? WE make ourselves feel something. And often this has to do with the other person not reacting the way we wanted him/her to.

I have seen many transformations once clients come to understand this. Even trauma’s can be healed by redefining the past this way. Knowing your expectations and letting go of waiting on `the other` means taking responsibility for your feelings and actions. Let the other be responsible for theirs! This is so freeing and a loving way of teaching: To be the light in your own life.

I know, believe me, I have been in need of quite some forgiveness. There is a beautiful forgiveness-ritual you can practice. I will get back on that in another post. Even might be doing that live 🙂 Are you curious? Please let me know.
Have a good day


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