This is what I wanted to share with you about mothers day. I did not really like my mother, but just before my mother died I had this beautiful moment with her. Now I know she was the perfect mother for me.

Just before she died, I was guided to reconnect with her. I helped her getting into bed and watch her fall asleep and I could just sit there and be with her.
I felt no judgement, no opinions, just be there with her. This gave me the opportunity to reconnect with her on another level. I could feel that everything that happend, just happend and that it vanished just two days before she died.

This is what I wanted to share on mothers day. Its lovely to see all the beautiful stories, the flowers that are given and love that is exchanged. But there are also mothers that are not that loving. I was not always so loving! But I know now, we can only do our best. It feels very reassuring that behind the form, we are all one Love.

It is so easy to judge, I did it a lot. But when I judge, I also say something about myself.
Since how we perceive the world is projection. Now that I don’t feel the need to judge anymore, I see the world as a wonderful place. The relationship I had with my mother, gave me the opportunity to forgive and feel there is no difference between her and I. There is actually no “you and I”…


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