The last months have become só familiair with “my” ACIM-group. In the beginning it was a bit scanning, listening and try to understand where its all about in the book ‘A Course In Miracles’; its not I already understand everything but slowly I’m starting to understand, to feel the messages. But not as a last resort: to familiarise myself. I would also add that I combine the meetings of ACIW and; both of these views corresponds for me. Every time the meetings with Caroline are very special: for example to discuss with eachother how to live in the here and now and how these meetings create new insights. Especialy the (non)dualistic aspects clarifies me and I’m aware that they are present in my everyday-life! No matter how difficult the contents of this book -for most of the group- , Caroline can show us her knowledge to let us understand the essence of it.

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