I am Caroline, coach and spiritual mentor. I believe that when we connect to something larger than ourselves, our life will become beautiful beyond imagination. Where do you let yourself be guided by fears and where can you live from love? It requires inner leadership to make choices in alignment. This can be developed. So that you can be faithful to your uniqueness and dare to stand your ground, unashamed and free. Do you want to investigate what sets you in motion? Want to know what makes your heart sing with joy? Let's start this adventure together!

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The Inner Orchestra

Would you like to get up in the morning full of joy, with enthousiasm for the new day? Do you want to be happy at the end of the day? Satisfied with what you leave behind?

From my personal experiences I wrote this ebook for you. In it you will find which steps to take, which exercises help to stay true to yourself and how to conduct a clear and beautiful inner symphony.

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Unashamed and Free

In this e-book you will find several real life short stories and examples from my practice about living unashamed and free. How you can actually choose a life that suits you. That you are allowed to walk `out of step` and that you are entitled to your emotions. Enjoy these stories and be inspired to finally take that next step!

A Course in Miracles

The fundamental lesson of the Course is that there are only two emotions: fear and love. And that we can choose between the two at any time in our lives. Are you interested in this matter? Do you want to dive in deeper? Come and join an online group meeting.

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In September a new group will start. We meet every month with 2,5 hour sessions. Reading together, sharing insights and questions, the group is a support for those who want to learn to live from the principals A Course in Miracles is teaching.
We will meet 9 times. Also a private page on Facebook will be provided, so you can stay in touch. I will of course be there also, aswering questions and sharing info.

Besides investment in time, I ask of you a financial one:  € 180, $ 200

We meet through ZOOM, you will get a link after you sign up. Looking forward to meeting you! Don’t hesitate to contact me should you have any questions.
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Together we will investigate what is keeping you from living freely and transform it into wisdom.
The sessions below are examples of various approaches.


Let go of the hope for a better past!

Window of Life

Find healing through acceptance


Bring light into your life

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Video Series: A Course in Miracles

In these videos I briefly discuss a theme from A Course in Miracles. You can also follow me here on Facebook>


I also live my life unashamed and free. I sold my house to live in a Yurt and I bought a camper to be able to travel through Europe. I fully enjoy all the adventures that come my way, full of music, love, special encounters, dancing passionately and living life. Of course I share this stories unashamed with you through my blogs and video’s.

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