Women of Wonder

You can learn to be powerful and playful!

Sexual Energy & Life Energy

My life, like many, has not been without challenges. I now see that this has taught me a lot. That I am resilient and entitled to my individuality, as much as any other person. My work, years ago, started in women’s counseling and I therefore have a lot of experience in guiding towards autonomy. In this group you will guide each other to a life with guts. Bold and free. Full of wonder. Are you willing to go and look underneath the surface? Curious to discover your hidden treasures?
There will be different approaches, with the aim of feeling (again) connected to yourself, being Love and perceiving the world accordingly.

Themes include:

* archetypes / talents
* about the will
* beliefs
* fear or love

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We meet twice a month for 3 months. Both in the group and in subgroups we do exercises and share personal experiences.

Join if you want to explore `an unashamed and free` way of living!

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