Do you want to be able to experience joy, connect to your potential? Then it helps to calm your mind and listen to your core. For this I made a number of guided meditations that you can use for free.

Would you like to do a coaching session once in a while and more deeply? Here you can make an appointment with me for an (online) session.

Disidentification Meditation

5.49 minutes

In this short guided meditation I help you to free yourself from any identification with your body, pain or worries. Take a seat on a chair or a meditation cushion, (as long as you make sure that you sit up) and turn on this meditation.


FREE E-Book “The Inner Orchestra”

Would you like to get up in the morning full of joy, with enthousiasm for the new day? Do you want to be happy at the end of the day? Satisfied with what you leave behind?

From my own personal experiences I wrote this e-book for you. In it you will find which steps to take, which exercises help to stay true to yourself and how to conduct a clear and beautiful inner symphony.

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